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Species data
Common Formula C3O
Stoichiometric Formula C3O
Mass   51.99491 a.m.u
Charge   0
CAS   11127-17-6
Inchi InChI=1S/C3O/c1-2-3-4
Electronic State
Excitation Ground State

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ISM Abundance  
log10 Abundance Reference Source Name Source Type Link
Definition: total
Value 3): 6.027
Method: Calculations
Origin: Bibliography
Reference: Woon, D. E. et al. ;2009;Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series ;185,273-288
Dipole moment  
Value (D): 2.391
Method: Measurements
Origin: Bibliography
Reference: Brown, R. D. et al. ;1983;Journal of the American Chemical Society;105,6496-6497
Enthalpy of formation  
No data
Desorption energy  
Emean (K): 2750
E min (K): 0
E max (K): 0
Pre-exponential factor (s-1): 0.00E+0
Method: Estimation
Origin: Other database
Type of surface: H2O
Description: This binding energy was listed in the original OSU gas-grain code from Eric Herbst group in 2006. Energy of CCO+C The pre-exponential factor is not given. It can be computed using the formula given in Hasegawa et al. (1992).
Diffusion energy  
No data